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Rules & TOS


The Free Fire Heroic League will be starting early next month! 💥
We are looking for squads of 4+1(optional) to participate in Free Fire’s Heroic League! 🕹

The winning team of the Heroic league will walk away with 15,000 Diamond and the confirmed slot for next season!. Call your best squad mates and form a team now! 📢

The League is online ! and will be updated https://league.gmremy.com/ 🏆

Rules and TOS download here : https://goo.gl/mVWqu6


We will be using the same Rules as FFWC

1. There will be 3 groups, Group A, B, C in qualifying round. Each group will play 3 games every weekend. There will be 3 weekends, so you will play 9 games per group in total (3 games/weekend * 3 weekends).
2. Top 4 from each group A, B, and C will proceed to the grand final stage and here you will play 7 consecutive games.
3. Winners at the grand final of this tournament will win 15000 diamond prize pool. There will be NO prize for 1st and 2nd runner-up.

REGISTER LINK: http://tiny.cc/be564y