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What is a GM?

According to google GM stands for Game Master, it is suitable for a game moderator.

I'm having topup issue?

For Free Fire Payment related issue
Please click this link https://bit.ly/2Y0RVym please also provide details as below to the customer service:
1. Time and date of topup
2. Receipt number
3. How many diamonds topped up
4. Payment method

If the link above does not work, or you do not know how to register the ID in Garena, you can report it through the game then press on the settings button and then click on the Customer Service button
Game> Settings> Customer Service.

I want to report someone teaming/hacking/abusing bug!

To report hack, bug, teaming please do upload your report to our facebook group https://www.facebook.com/groups/FreeFireMY/.

Please give me diamond!

GM have no power to give diamonds away, unless they bought them for you.

Please tell me what is in the next update

Please check our Facebook page for more information on the new update https://www.facebook.com/FreeFireSea

We will not leak any future development or feature and the only reliable source is https://www.facebook.com/FreeFireSea.

I have a costume/event ideas I want to share/request

Please click on the comment section here and request http://www.gmremy.ga/p/request.html .

Why dont my account ever had a good luck!

Every account have their own luck, we have no power to help such cases.

Why do FF have auto aim!

Mobile based game normally require some auto aim.

When will the bug/hack get fixed!

Normally as soon as we found them.

I'm having lag issue help me!



Then insert this :
wait around 2~5min and screenshot as picture below

We will do the investigation after having more information about your situation

The data below is what we need from you

Screenshot :
Location : (Kuala Lumpur/Perak/Johor/Sabah/Kedah etc etc)
Network : Wifi/4G/3G DAN Maxis/umobile/unifi
Ping in the past :
Ping now :

Post your report in the comment section here https://www.facebook.com/PostHere

I lost my guest account what should I do?

If you have lost your GUEST account, only guest account , binded account or account that has already bind to FB or VK will not be entertained

Please use the link below , choose your language and read through the article and fill in the form http://www.gmremy.ga/recovery.

My account was hacked?

Try recovering your account link below



if none of the above are working anymore

contact facebook here https://www.facebook.com/helpme

Your account is linked to your profile, if you are having an issue with your social media account please contact the social media support team for help, it is not possible for our team to recover the accounts.